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Now you can take advantage of a service that strives to provide people of all ages with the utmost support in every aspect of their lives. With dedicated resources to ensure the sublime quality of life so that you can enjoy your life seamlessly, this is the time to empower yourself. The specialists in our carefully-curated, experienced team can assist with home improvements, interpersonal services, and transitions to lay the groundwork for a rewarding lifestyle experience.

It is all about YOU!

What’s more wonderful than feeling safe, secure, and comfortable as we enter our senior years? Our founder Amy Roberts understands that question more than anyone. As a dedicated Senior Real Estate Specialist, she has spent years helping older clients find perfect homes. She’s connected individuals and couples to properties that meet their vision of graceful aging and beautiful senior living.

She began The Senior Strategist as a holistic solution to the needs of aging persons where there are scattered resources and a lack of accessibility. Her real estate experience provides excellent insight and a result-driven perspective on helping seniors live more comfortably than ever imagined.

Home Modifications

Make your home adapt to your needs.

Comfort and security are everything as we gracefully get older. However, most of the homes are not equipped to handle the needs and concerns of aging persons. Risks of injury can increase, and there’s a demand for more practical solutions to accommodate the physical and cognitive changes in our lives. Amy talks you through the question of “Should I modify or move?”.

Aging In Place Service

Aging In Place Service

Some of us prefer to spend our golden years in our preferred homes as we get older rather than transition to assisted living or another location. Having our friends, family, and familiar environment around us can feel more comforting and secure than making significant changes. However, our needs change as we age, and that’s why The Senior Strategist is here to support aging persons.

Real Estate

Turn your vision for a future home into a reality!

The majority of American available housing is built for younger families and not older adults. Houses without accessible features and not intended to handle the physical and cognitive changes that come with aging present a higher risk of falling. Home improvements like raised toilets and better lighting can help reduce falls in some cases. It has also been demonstrated that accessibility …


Let Us Make It Comfy For You!

Sometimes changes are necessary to accommodate a desired lifestyle or address physical needs. No matter the circumstances, transitions can be challenging for aging persons, where there will always be efforts to move, organize, and adapt to your new surroundings. If you face an upcoming life transition, The Senior Strategist can be a helping hand.

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